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Reiki Level 1-4

Just for Today I will do my work Honestly & I will be kind to Every living thing.     Reiki Principles 4 & 5

Level Four - Reiki Master Teacher Qualification - 1/2-day course £700

Payment details will be discussed at time of booking.

Please note a non-refundable deposit will be required at time of booking to secure your course.

This course is held IN PERSON however, a virtual option is available and will be live with myself (real time and not recorded). Your manual will be sent via email ahead of the class taking place. The Attunement takes place live.

I will always ensure high standards of teaching, it's because of this that I feel that it’s vital for my students to be experienced Reiki healers with a minimum of 1 year practice who can easily demonstrate the required spiritual maturity to teach others on how to work with Reiki energy, to heal, to protect and clear negative energy. I insist that all of my students must be respectful of Reiki and be open and willing to share their experience, their spiritual gifts with their future students.

Becoming a Reiki Master Teacher involves you as the Master teacher, making a life-long commitment to spiritual development and self-growth. The teacher (maybe this is you), begins a life journey of self-discovery and continued spiritual learning as they continue to learn and develop new skills which can be passed on to their students. This same teacher never stops learning! Just look at me, ha ha I am always learning new things from mentors as well as my students. I was taught this by my mentor and spiritual teacher, that a teacher can only teach students from their own inner wisdom, personal experiences and personal life lessons. And that this will determine the type of teacher you become.  

Becoming a Reiki Master teacher is an honour because the teacher represents spiritual insight and spiritual guidance, and this is a huge responsibility that not all are ready to carry. 

Course includes:

.   Full colour teacher manual

.   Student manual templates for levels 1, 2 (Practitioner), 3 (Master) & 4 (Master Teacher)

.   Master Reiki teacher responsibilities to their future students

·   Information on the required insurance and legal requirements of Reiki Master Teacher

·   Reiki student’s requirement selection

·   Healing with Reiki symbols physical to etheric healing level roles

·   Attunement to Reiki Master level 4

·   Student and teacher meditation hand positions

·   Illustrated and documented attunement process

·   Practical hands-on initiation attunement ceremony demonstration process

.   Instruction for attunement to all levels of Reiki

.   Attunement process demonstration & practical

·   Student will receive the lineage of Usui teacher Reiki

·   Awarded a Reiki Master Teacher level 4 Certificate qualification

·   A beautiful complimentary gift to celebrate

·   As with all our courses, all teachers will have ongoing support and mentorship by me

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