I have listed the Crystals in alphabetical order to make it easier for you and I am sure there will be new ones added as we go along


Zincite crystallises in masses and searches for a high frequency energy.
Zincite is the mineral form of zinc oxide. Its crystal form is rare in nature; a notable exception to this is at the Franklin and Sterling Hill Mines in New Jersey, an area also famed for its many fluorescent minerals. It has a hexagonal crystal structure and a colour that depends on the presence of impurities.
Zincite is not precisely a natural mineral because it came from the Tarnowskie Góry smelter in Upper Silesia, Poland. A finite, limited number of crystals of this extraordinarily beautiful mineral developed when a furnace wall at the smelter fractured in a singular event in the late 70's. As reported by the smelter superintendent, the zincite was formed in a one-time event when a smelter chimney sprang a leak, allowing an excess of oxygen to mix with the fumes inside the smelter. The oxygen that came in through the crack combined with the zinc to form zinc oxide (zincite). Zincite was then deposited in air vents, from which it was later collected. This material proved to be a success on the mineral market, and so lower quality zincite was later collected from chimneys and flues of similar refineries in Olkusz and several other areas.

Any owner of this mineral can expect balance and stability to enter their life as this mineral clears negative energy away. Use it for balancing emotional energies after crisis and trauma bringing hope and positivity.

Great healer for the Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras

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