Non - Traditional

Unicorn Reiki

Unicorn Reiki is the partner of the Dragon Reiki - they work hand in hand together.  Unicorn energy is feminine while Dragon energy is masculine. Yin and Yang energy - always meant to be together.

Unicorn Reiki 60 minutes (including the consultation) £45.00 per session

Please note there is a charge of £20.00 every 30 mins after the initial 60 mins. This will need to be settled at the end of the session.

The Unicorn Reiki helps to heal all emotional trauma and karmic experiences in this lifetime.  Their energy has the ability to purify and cleanse a person's thoughts, so they no longer feel the need to hold onto harmful negative emotions.  Unicorn's kingdom is located on the 7th spiritual etheric layer where they share the same domain as the angelic realm. The Unicorn's energy is very similar to the angelic energy which is filled with pure white light and love. 

Unicorn Reiki works at a higher vibration to the traditional Reiki and works within a spiral vortex which is a powerful way of clearing out any blockages then balancing the physical, mental and spiritual body.  There is a chance that you may feel this motion during the session itself (can be similar motion to being on a boat at sea).  

Just like the Dragons, unicorns choose their partner and before they do, they look into the life, the family dynamics as well as the pets and ensure that they are compatible.  They need to be confident that this match is the right one.  Once a Unicorn has chosen you to partner with them, you are in for a treat and like the dragons, they choose you to partner with them for a lifetime.  It is a real honour to be chosen.


Unicorn Reiki was one of the first non-traditional Reiki healing energies to be channelled with the spiritual evolution of the earth in 2012.  It also happens to be the most popular non-traditional Reiki chosen after studying Usui Reiki.  With the Unicorn symbols being such powerful cleansers of emotions, the symbols are helping with forgiveness, guilt as well as karma. 

Some say that they don’t exist yet the Unicorn has been known to the Western cultures for thousands of years and the Unicorn is mentioned in the bible many times, there are several clear references to them in the Old Testament. ‘Deliver me from the lion’s mouth, and my lowliness from the horns of unicorns’.  The unicorn has always been a symbol of purity, love, hope and majesty. Through the years however, due to lack of scientific evidence being found and more people becoming more logical in their way of thinking, the belief had began to diminish.   Unicorns are now slowly returning and many spiritual people are working with them to help bring in much needed purity and love to the world today.  

Did you know that you can find images of unicorns on the English Coat of Arms as well as the Scottish Coat of Arms?.

After Care

After a crystal & Reiki healing session you will need to rest in order for the natural balance of your energy to settle. No strenuous exercise. Ensure you drink plenty of water or herbal drinks to aid your body to detoxify. On the day of treatment refrain from drinking any caffeinated drinks such as tea or coffee and try to avoid drinking alcohol. Healing will continue for a couple of days afterwards and in some cases this can be as much as a week. You may experience sensations such as tingling in a problem area, for example an injury. This is the continuation of the healing to rebalance and align your energy. Many people find they are able to sleep better and feel more uplifted after each session, yet for some, they may feel more emotional than usual due to suppressed feelings. The treatment helps clear the body of negative energy and release harmful toxins.

Please note .....

Some ailments require consent from your doctor before healing can be given.

Many doctors now are encouraging their patients to have complementary treatments.  

A non refundable, non transferable deposit of £20 will be required to secure your appointment time which will be paid via bank transfer (all bank details will be provide at time of booking). Without a deposit your appointment WILL NOT be complete.  

I no longer 'hold' dates. Too many people are being turned away unnecessarily and I have had to set some boundaries.  I apologise if this causes any inconvenience.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact me.