Who Am I?

Allow me to introduce myself

About Me

I specialise in helping recipients with ADHD, ASD, Grief, Low self-esteem, Depression, Anxiety and Addictions as well as shifting persistent physical pain.

My name is Jacqui Fallon-Holloway and I am the founder of KendaReiki School of Mind Body & Soul. I am also known in the world of essential oils as Your Oil Fairy.

I started on my spiritual path many years ago when I was just 18yrs old. Fresh out of college and being half Maltese, my intention was to spend 1 year maybe 2 living in Malta, but 21 years later I finally returned back to the UK with my son and 4 cats.

I have always felt drawn to the spiritual side, after all, it runs through my veins. My Grandmother (dad’s mum) was clairvoyant and read tea leaves and my uncle is just the same. After a few upsets in life (as we all have) I made the decision to dedicate more of my energy to my family and to finally reconnect with my spiritual side.

I love spending my free time with the people I hold most dear - my family and close friends without whom I would be completely lost. We now have 3 dogs - Micah, Shimmie and our baby girl - RavenSara aka Raven to add to the mix sadly in 2012 we lost Pepper and a few days before Xmas, in 2016 we lost our baby Gypsy Rose,  2019 we lost our dear and beautiful Sir Salt and 2020 our Amber Mae finally left us to join to them.  But as you can imagine, Animal Reiki is always happening around the house and their photos have still been included within this website as they are still very much part of our family!

I met my husband, Daniel back in October 2012, quite by accident (although there are no accidents). Best thing to happen as it was not expected.  We married each other among friends and family in May 2019. Everybody has that ‘someone’ who they can be themselves with and he is my ‘someone’. He too shares my love for a spiritual existence and has been my 'go to' person when extra practice was required during my studies (perks of being my husband ha ha).  It's funny, it was pointed out by a friend that even the wedding theme colours matched the logo colours ha ha - anyway, I have shared a few of my favourite images from that magical day at the bottom of this page x

Another of my passions is photography and this I share with my son.  I studied photography when I moved back to the UK and have had the pleasure of capturing magical moments at events such as Weddings, Birthdays, Adoption celebrations and Christenings.  Although photography has become more of a hobby for me now, it has allowed me to escape and be creative while I am still able to concentrate on what I believe to be the right path developing my skills as a Reiki Master Teacher, Meditation Leader & Coach, EFT coach, Aromatherapist, Essential Oils educator and mentor as well as crystal healer and Tarot reader.

It's never ending and that's how I want it to stay :)

It was at the end of 2011 when I found my spiritual teacher, Lynda. I resonated with her on such a strong level and it was here where I began to learn and later once certified, to practice Reiki. I love it - best decision I ever made and have studied and worked my way to become a Reiki Master Teacher in Usui Reiki, Master Teacher in Unicorn & Dragon Reiki and Master in Lemurian Reiki (combination of Reiki and Crystals working together). This naturally drew me to Crystal therapy where I have now completed both level 1 and 2 (advanced). It doesn't stop there!!!!  I am qualified in Dream Therapy and Past Life Regression doing both levels 1 and 2, I am a qualified and certified Meditation leader and coach and now hold my very own meditation workshops. Qualified and certified in EFT (tapping) as well as qualified Aromatherapist.  

I love the path that I am on and plan on staying here for as long as I can.  

As a Master Teacher I can attune you to the energy of Reiki at 1st degree (beginners), 2nd degree (practitioner level and where you can work on others), 3rd degree (Master level) and of course 4th degree (Master teacher level, where like me you can pass on this wonderful knowledge to others) in USUI Reiki and the New Age Unicorn & Dragon Reiki.

Please note these days will vary in length and price. For more information please use the contact form.

As well as teaching I still offer private Reiki healing, Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing, Aura Cleansing sessions to adults and children and my practice is located in a separate building at the back of my home. You will find it to be a relaxed and professional environment. Treatments are usually an hour long with a little chat before and after. The treatment room, known as The Moon Lodge, is dedicated to ​R​eiki, ​Crystal Therapy, and all other healing sessions and involves a few patio stairs, so if you have mobility issues then please let me know in advance.  As well as the Reiki bed we also have and will be able to set up the Reiki Chair if that is preferred. 

Tarot card reading (both in person or via zoom chat/email) is available, Distant healing for those who live further away as well as Meditation (private 1-1 or as a group), Regression and Dream Therapy and Essential Oils classes/workshops are all from the same location, (just requires a little jiggle of furniture).  

Each Reiki Master/Teacher brings something of themselves to their practice and each session will be different to your last. It is a very individual and personal experience from your first to your 10th session and I can help you along your path of personal growth.

Reiki is just one of the modalities that I work with and all are proven to relax your body, mind and soul and YES it can even combat emotional and physical injury.

Why did I choose the Name KendaReiki?

Kenda is a Native American word meaning "Magical Powers" and this seemed the perfect name for me. As some may already know, I do not just offer Reiki, but a vast range of modalities and all have a form of ‘MAGIC’ within.

This name, I felt, empowered me and allowed me to express who I am and to embrace that wholeheartedly.

So what's new?

13th - 16th October 2023 - THIS IS ME - retreat will take place in a stunning Grade II listed Elizabethan family Estate in Lincoln. With 3 nights accommodation in shared twin rooms (and private bathrooms), Full board throughout the stay, Full use of the facilities including the pool, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, gym, games room, meditation room, lounge area and the outside area -75 acres of woodland and lakes. Workshops and plenty of time to recharge and immerse yourself in the peaceful and tranquil surroundings that this venue has to offer in abundance. - Read more about it here - THIS IS ME

2022 (October) has been a very busy year and I am proud to shout about it.  

This is the year that we (my husband and myself) became published authors!!!!  Yes that's right! 

We created a self help toolkit with a holistic approach to addiction recovery in the form of 48 cards and a very detailed guide booklet.  The cards are called Addiction Recovery Affirmation Cards and we are already blown away by the response from those who have bought the set.  The purpose is to use the affirmation cards (and guide booklet) daily.  It was designed to be used by anybody in recovery, anybody starting their recovery journey and the family and friends.  Everybody can use them - that was the main aim and I believe we succeeded.

You will find more information about this amazing toolkit by clicking here - Addiction Recovery Affirmation Cards

Here is the direct link to get your own copy Buy your cards

The above is really a brief insight into my life which is always evolving. My life experience has taught me that you get out what you put in. The skills that I bring to KendaReiki both learnt through work and through personal/emotional growth I feel are perfectly suited. I believe I can add so much to what is already an inspiring (and never ending) story.

Here are a few of my fave pics from our magical wedding 26May2019