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Reiki Level 1-4

Just for Today I will be Grateful.     Reiki Principle 3

Level Three - Reiki Master Qualification - £280

Payment details will be discussed at time of booking.

Please note a non-refundable deposit will be required at time of booking to secure your course.

This course is held IN PERSON however, a virtual option is available and will be live with myself (real time and not recorded). You will be sent your manual via email. The Attunement takes place live.

This level of Reiki training is solely available for those students who have already completed levels one and two. They have not necessarily had to have completed the first two levels with myself, but I tend to ask that they have at least practiced at level two for a minimum of 1 year before moving up to Master level. The reason for this is because master level Reiki is a higher vibrational healing to help release karmic imprints. It is common for my master students to experience life changing epiphanies, where they begin to realise their worth and start to understand just who they are. Reiki masters have chosen to channel Reiki to a higher degree so they can heal alongside the Ascended Masters.  

Course includes:

·   Students will receive a full colour illustrated Reiki Master Manual

·   Understanding karma health issues and Reiki healing the past

·   Learn about the advanced chakra system

·   Meeting your Ascended Master and master healing guide

.   Learn about the responsibility of a Master healer

.   Space clearing and soul releasement (assisting souls into the light)

·   Learn how to channel and sense the Ascended Master energies

·   Healing with different Ascended Master types

·   Working with Master symbols (both the traditional and modern)

·   Meditate with the master symbol to prepare for your Attunement

·   Attunement to Reiki Master level three (3)

·   Presented with your Reiki Master Third Degree Certificate qualification

·   You will receive the genuine lineage of Usui Reiki

·   Students will be given Free Ascended Master Meditation cards (or similar)

·   As with all my courses, each and every student will have ongoing support and mentorship by me

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