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Addiction Recovery Affirmation Cards intro...

Through an extensive search, we realised that there were affirmation cards with the title ‘addiction recovery’ not any ACTUAL addiction recovery affirmation cards with in-depth understanding and a guidebook.  We found plenty of books that covered details etc but that's about all.  So we felt it was time that changed and have created these tools that everybody involved can use.

Tools just for you!

Have a look at the list opposite and locate where you fit in. Are you the person in addiction recovery?, Are you looking for tools to get to that point? Or maybe you are a friend/family member that wants a deeper understanding of what they are going through. These cards are going to be a tool that everybody can work with and they will fit into a group or an individual setting. If you are somebody who works or volunteers in the recovery sector then you will want to have a set of cards for yourself or a few for your organisation.

Can you identify with any of the listed...
  • I am in recovery
  • I know a friend in recovery
  • I know a family member in recovery
  • I work in the addiction recovery sector
  • I would like help to stay sober
  • I am struggling on my own

Let's start at the beginning..

Back in October 2012, I met a man who would later become my husband. He was good looking, tall (I am tiny stood next to him), fun, energetic, caring yet unpredictable. I found him irresistible. It was instant attraction and I was being pulled towards him like a magnet. But the fun soon became a nightmare. You see, I knew he drank - we both did, he was just more extreme than I was. I put it down to him being 6 foot 4.5 inches so his body was able to handle more. I knew he dabbled in drugs as I had seen him but still I was in denial. He was not addicted - how could he be - I would know, surely?

In 2014 I fell pregnant - not planned but both of us were ecstatic and fantasised about the child yet to be born. 3.5 months later that dream was shattered as I miscarried our baby. We were devastated and both went into our shells to grieve.  A year later, I had noticed a few changes had become more obvious, but I blocked them out and kept going. Until that one day when I left him alone with my son so I could go to work and as i came home, that's when my world turned upside down and inside out!

While crying, he told me that 'D' was being nasty and he was scared and glad I was now home to 'save him' - Yes he used those words. My heart churned and I felt sick. So many thoughts running through my head as I walked downstairs and into the back garden. There he was, wearing his chef's apron and tending to the BBQ. His first words that spilled out of his mouth were disgusting. I will not even repeat them here. They were being directed at my 12 year old son and that's when I tapped into my inner lioness. I asked if he had been drinking and he denied it, yet I knew he had taken something as he was NOT acting normal. Next thing I knew - the meat from the BBQ was being thrown onto the grass, crude verbal insults being blasted out for the entire neighbourhood to hear and he stormed off into the kitchen. Of course I followed and what he did next will forever be etched in my mind. I snapped. I was calm but that was the last straw. I wanted him out of the house. I wanted to keep my son safe (I guess me too). He was being violent to himself and self harming (I'll spare you the gory the details) and this was enough for me. I still to this day do not know how I managed to get a giant out of the house, close and lock the front door (I'm only 5 foot 2 inches and no muscles), but I did and for the next year we lived separately.

After I cleaned up the blood (his not mine) I bawled my eyes out in the shower feeling guilty and blaming myself for not keeping my son safe, for putting him through it all, but we worked through it just the two of us and became strong once more.
Fast forward to 2017, we never lost contact with each other (I still loved him and knew he needed help) and one day I came across details of a rehab centre here in Birmingham. I gave him the details and suggested he at least look through it. That day he recognised himself in every story he read and he broke down in tears. That day he realised he wanted to stop and get sober. That day I felt a glimmer of hope - we both did. That day was the first day of his rebirth and the start of us rebuilding our relationship.

In 2019 we were married. Never did I think that we would have got to this point but I am so glad we did. I know every bride says it, but our wedding was perfect.  I shared some wedding photos on the 'about me' page - you just need to scroll down to the bottom.

Daniel now volunteers every month on the AA helpline and regularly shares his story at local support groups to help others on their journey of recovery.  He sponsors others and is very active with his recovery reaching out to as many he can.

I have volunteered in recovery centers in the past (longest was 9 months at Changes UK) where I held meditation and reiki sessions for service users.  Of course it would not be me if these sessions didn't include crystals AND essential oils.  It is here that I learned so much of what was achievable with the right tools and support. 

So this is where the idea of these cards were born. We both want to give back, share our thoughts, hopes, insights and our love.  To show others that ANYTHING is possible and with hard work, taking each new day one step at a time, by working together you can climb mountains! By taking the time to understand his mindset and recognising how it differs from mine, we have been able to pool our energy and resources together and I am proud to say we have a beautiful relationship that's real, loving, fun, exciting, mysterious (but in a great way) and dare I say Magical! Don't get me wrong, he has his moments, where his old insecurities break through, but he also has the tools to prevent them from taking over and from a relapse ever happening again.

Every day Daniel starts his day with a routine that includes a short meditation, a prayer, his gratitude list, use of certain essential oils and now he has started to incorporate the cards.
We hope you will use them and come to love them as much as we do.

We may not have any physical children together but this IS OUR BABY.  We have worked very hard as a couple to create what we know was missing and now we are sharing them with you.

What are they? 
I am sure you have come across affirmation cards before.
A set of cards (usually 48) where each card has a different positive affirmation. You can shuffle them and pick one out or simply go in order of the deck - the choice is yours. The idea is to look at the affirmation you have drawn and use that to inspire you for the day/week ahead. Affirmation cards are there to boost your energy, lighten up the mood and inspire you.

Our deck is similar, just a bit more specific.

The choice to use graffiti was an easy one. We wanted the images to have energy, light, darkness as well as humour. Many long hours were spent looking through unsplash to find the right ones for each affirmation and these were sent to our editor, Kate who worked her magic fingers to create such an amazing uniformed collection. If you look closely you will see Daniel!!! (I'll give you a clue - it's card 23). This image was taken by ME on my phone while we were in Glastonbury in March 2022. We needed an image and it had to feel it belonged and although 1 had been already chosen, it just stood out (but for the wrong reasons). I remember sending my image to her saying 'it needs to look something like this' and next thing is, he became forever part of the deck which is pretty cool as he is the inspiration for it in the first place.

There are hidden gems, little pieces of each of us in this deck of cards.  Memories of when we were in Cuba on our honeymoon, my birthday treat in Glastonbury, nods to my Chinese zodiac sign, Daniels affiliation with robins and more so believe me when I say that we seriously poured our hearts and souls into the creation of this deck because we know how much they will help so many people.

How to use this deck..
The deck was designed so that you can use them in order 1-48 and each day pick the next card and work on that or shuffle the cards waiting for 1 to 'jump out'.
Pull 1 card a day to see what you could focus on or even meditate with. You can decide to hold onto that card for longer as you work through it - there is no time scale to be followed. Just know that the more you use them, the more they will connect with your energy and the easier you will find the right affirmation. Each card has 2 questions that you can use to journal with. They are there to make you think, so take your time with these questions. I would suggest having a special book dedicated to these cards where you can write freely any thoughts, goals and revelations  - there are some cool ones in the store.  - Click here to go to the store

If it helps take a couple of deep breaths to calm and clear your mind. As you shuffle the cards, if you have any questions, this is the time to think of them. For example:
  • Which area of my life needs healing?
  • Where should my focus be?
  • How can I better understand?
When you feel ready simply stop shuffling and pick a card. Sometimes a card will jump out as you are shuffling and that's usually the card I would pick up to read. Take some time looking at the image and the words. Allow them to sink in before turning to the book for a deeper insight.

Additional Tools
Each card will be accompanied by additional tools which are there to help enhance the experience. The crystals and essential oils have been specifically chosen due to their healing energy and properties. Included is a short explanation for each but you are more than welcome to do further research. You do NOT need them to use the deck but as you know by now, I work with both modalities on a daily basis and wanted to give you extra options.
I focused on the crystals that I feel will have the most impact and have suggested many that can be found in most reputable stores/outlets.  You will find a good selection of tumble stones in the Kendareiki store and of course a link where you can buy the essential oils that have been suggested.

I am a wellness advocate with dōTERRA and have been since March 2017 and there is nothing more I'd love to do than help you with finding the right oils to help empower you.  The oils I have included are ALL based on dōTERRA and I am confident they will support you due to them being safe, effective, pure (unadulterated), potent and affordable (I cannot guarantee the same results if using another brand).  I do not talk about using oils internally in the deck for that reason and we work with safety in mind..

I have a special treat for you..
Whether you have the cards in hand or waiting for your deck to arrive, please enjoy a meditation written by myself with CARD 31 in mind - I am Worthy Of Great Things.

Meditation for card 31

As a special treat I wanted to share a recording of the meditation for Card 31. If you prefer to listen to me (as opposed to recording your voice) then I hope you enjoy.

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Additional Tools

Additional Tools

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