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Reiki Level 1-4

Just for Today I will not be Angry.     Reiki Principle 1

Level One - Reiki first degree Qualification - £170 (includes £30 for final class)

Payment details will be discussed at time of booking.

Please note a non-refundable deposit will be required at time of booking to secure your course.

This course is held IN PERSON however, a virtual option is available and will be live with myself (real time and not recorded).  Your course material will be sent to you via email ahead of time. The Attunement takes place live. 

All healers will need to start with level one (1). This allows them to remove as much ‘old’ emotions which prevent them from moving forwards. Reiki first degree is very special and personal, as each student finds their true self and no longer feels the need to live in the past. Reiki first degree, as you can imagine, is for personal healing (this means its healing on you BY YOU) and is taught to allow you to remove those stored up negative emotions in preparation to carrying out healing on others.

KendaReiki Course teaches the following:

· Understanding Reiki healing

· You will receive a full colour illustrated Reiki Manual

· Learn how Dr Usui Rediscovered Reiki and why this is key

· You will learn the Reiki principles and what they mean

· You will learn basic art of meditation and why it is important - how it helps

· During the meditation you will meet your Reiki Healing spirit guide

· Learn about colour energy and it's purpose

· Learn how to sense different Reiki energy types

· Learn how to sense the changes when healing damaged or blocked chakras

· You will learn relaxing and grounding energy to stabilise healing

· You will learn how to protect your own energy and why it's important

· You will learn the importance of disconnecting and reclaiming your energy

· You will learn about set up and how to ensure a comfortable and safe healing environment

· The Attunement to Reiki first degree

· You will be taught how to invoke and work with the Reiki power symbol

· There will be plenty of practical hands on self-healing techniques and you will be given an illustrated self-healing demonstration sequence in your manual

· We will start the preparation for Reiki second degree - practitioner level 2

· After a set time of self-healing we will meet up again for a short quiz to ensure you have understood the principles of Reiki. Then all students will be awarded a Reiki first degree certificate qualification.  Please note this will incur an additional charge of £30 as mentioned above.

· It goes without saying that ALL students will have ongoing support and mentorship by me.

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