How do these work exactly.

Additional Tools -  Essential Oils

I want you to understand why using the additional tools are important and why certain essential oils were chosen.  I will explain how best to use them to enjoy the full benefits alongside the Addiction Recovery Affirmation Cards (ARAC).  The idea is to use the oils to gain access to your feelings, memories and thoughts that may be buried deep down and releasing them.  Letting them go, making space for new positive memories, feelings and thoughts.

Tools just for you!

Have a look at the list opposite and locate where you fit in. Are you the person in addiction recovery?, are you looking for tools to get to that point? or maybe you are a friend/family member that wants a deeper understanding of what they are going through. These Essential Oils can be a tool that everybody can work with and they will fit into any space at home or in the workplace. If you are somebody who works or volunteers in the recovery sector then you will want to have a wholesale account for yourself as well as one for your organisation.

Can you identify with any of the listed...
  • I am in recovery
  • I know a friend in recovery
  • I know a family member in recovery
  • I work in the addiction recovery sector
  • I would like help to stay sober
  • I am struggling on my own

Let's take a deeper look ...

The idea is to use the essential oils to gain access to your feelings, memories and thoughts that may be buried deep down and releasing them. Letting them go, making space for new positive memories, feelings and thoughts.

Most addictions are born out of a deep longing in your heart, huge gaps where you once felt lost, abandoned, hurt, confused, angry, betrayed. Maybe you were taught that it wasn't ok to connect to your heart, your feelings. Maybe you were mocked and belittled, told that your opinions were not valid. Most addicts who were raised in and around trauma, turmoil and pain will search for that comfort and reassurance from outside sources in order to compensate and mask the hurt that is felt deep within.
Sometimes, you are literally the observer of this pain and even though it's not happening directly to you, you feel guilty that you couldn't help, you couldn't take the pain away or make it better, so you look for a substance, a simple way to block it out, mask it, hide it - even if it is just for a little bit.
I am talking to you if you have an unhealthy relationship with ANY of the listed (even if it is seen as a positive attribute by some);
  • Unhealthy relationship with overworking
  • Unhealthy relationship with multitasking
  • Unhealthy relationship with technology such as social media
  • Unhealthy relationship with alcohol
  • Unhealthy relationship with tobacco
  • Unhealthy relationship with drugs including prescription drugs
  • Unhealthy relationship with food (sugar etc)
  • Unhealthy relationship with dieting
  • Unhealthy relationship with overeating
  • Unhealthy relationship with self Harming
  • Unhealthy relationship with gambling
  • Unhealthy relationship with lying
  • Unhealthy relationship with hiding
  • Unhealthy relationship with shopping (online in particular)
  • Unhealthy relationship with relationships in general
  • Unhealthy relationship with abusive people
  • Unhealthy sexual choices
  • Unhealthy relationship with getting, staying fit (Gym, weights, etc)
You see addictions come in all shapes and forms, not all are so obvious but all are low vibrational energy. This is why I love using the essential oils as additional tools because they help create an environment of peace, calm, balance and stillness around us. Essential oils hold a high vibrational energy as they come directly from the earth and mother nature herself. What I mean to say is that low vibrations will not survive in such high vibrational conditions, making these the perfect additional tools to get and remain free from unhealthy habits. Instead of numbing yourself not to feel, you should use the Addiction Recovery Affirmation Cards - (ARA) cards, oils (and crystals) reconnect to your true self once more.
When you create new positive routines, new positive habits including self-care using the additional tools, you are constantly topping up your energy and keeping it at the right high vibrational level it needs to be in order to support you on your journey of recovery.

How to use the essential oils...
I have mentioned this a few times now so apologies if I am repeating myself, but there are 3 ways to use dōTERRA essential oils. Aromatically, Topically and Internally. For the purpose of the Addiction Recovery Affirmation Cards (ARA), I am only going to be focusing on the aromatic and topical uses. Although I am fully confident with the oils I work with and the brand dōTERRA, I cannot confirm that you will be using the same oils and therefore cannot vouch that your oils are not unadulterated. I believe in using oils safely and this is very important to me.

When using your essential oils aromatically, you can do any of the following;
  • Smell directly from the bottle
  • Apply between 1-3 drops of the oil(s) to your palms, rub them together, cup over your nose and inhale
  • Put some drops into a diffuser (NOT AN OIL BURNER) with some water and enjoy both aroma and the healing benefits
When using your essential oils topically, ideally you will be adding a carrier oil of your choice to the essential oil prior to applying to your body. There are a couple of reasons why I say this.  The main reason is safety.  If you have sensitive skin for example, you do not want to have an uncomfortable sensation. But there is another reason and this is that it increases the % of essential oil that gets absorbed into the skin.  Normally it is around the 4% mark - the rest evaporates when mixed with the air. By adding a carrier oil, this acts like a lid on a saucepan, holding the oils on the skin longer, creating a slower absorption and therefore increasing the amount of oil from 4% to a whopping 10% on average!!!
Cool huh?

So when using the oils topically, you can do any of the following;
  • Apply to the bottom of your feet (using the reflexology concept) Your feet hold the most nerve endings and are the least sensitive
  • Apply over specific areas such as heart, back of neck, wrists, forehead, neck, upper or lower stomach. 
On each card description, I have mentioned 2 oils that I have matched to that particular affirmation.  I have not just picked out a general oil from a basic list, but instead paid close attention to how this oils benefits you the most. Some will be emotional support, others will be mental support, a few will be physical but ALL will be just what you need. You can use one or both of the oils and apply topically to a number of areas - TRUST yourself to know where to apply these oils.  You cannot go wrong.

One more thing - because citrus oils are photosensitive (they react with the sun) when using oils such as Green mandarin, Grapefruit or Wild Orange for example, apply to areas NOT being exposed to direct sunlight.  Bottoms of the feet, or upper/lower stomach would be good locations on sunny days.

Just for you...

I have listed a few of the oils in the ARA deck with a little insight why they were chosen - I listed the ones that stand out for me and that I have worked with many times with great success.  

They are in alphabetical order to make it easier.

Here we go...

BASIL essential oil - 
Basil is helpful for recovery from negative habits as it gives hope and optimism to the tired soul.

BERGAMOT essential oil
- Bergamot (a strong favourite of mine) teaches you to let go of judgement by learning to love yourself unconditionally. It supports with self acceptance and self love as it invites you to see life with more optimism and breaking the cycle of relapse.

BLACK PEPPER essential oil - Black Pepper gives you strength to overcome challenges and issues that are buried deep within.  It invites you to get real by digging deep within, revealing the masks and facades used to hide aspects of yourself . Perfect for reducing cravings for tobacco.

CILANTRO essential oil - While you may hold onto the very patterns, emotions, issues and possessions that could impair and betray your true self - Cilantro liberates the soul from heavy burdens enabling you to live light and free.

CLOVE essential oil - Clove helps you to let go of patterns and self-betrayal as well as codependency by building appropriate boundaries and defences. It supports you in letting go of the victim mentality giving you the courage to say no.

COPAIBA essential oil - Copaiba reassures you that mental, emotional, physical and spiritual limitations are only temporary.

FENNEL essential oil - Fennel encourages the soul to take full ownership and responsibility for the choices made.  It curbs cravings for unhealthy experiences that dull the senses. 

GERANIUM essential oil - Geranium invites you to let go of the lower vibrations, the lies and the negativity. This lovely oil softens anger and assists in healing and re-opening the heart so that love flows freely. It heals the heart and instills unconditional love and trust. It encourages emotional honesty by allowing you to release the guilt or pain that has been suppressed sometimes for many years.

GINGER essential oil - Ginger teaches you that in order to be successful in life, you must first commit 100% to it. Claim your power back like a true warrior and be ready to choose YOU.  

GRAPEFRUIT essential oil - Grapefruit is all about honoring your body as it helps to reduce cravings and teaches you to have true respect and appreciation for your body.

GREEN MANDARIN essential oil - Green Mandarin is perfect to help manifest your dreams and goals into reality.  Reminding you to connect with your inner child whose heart was once open and fearless.

LAUREL LEAF essential oil - Laurel Leaf assists you to grow, expand and overcome your fear and step into your brilliance.

LAVENDER essential oil - Lavender encourages the spirit to address the deep fear of being seen and heard, while allowing you to speak your truth and be your true self around others.

LEMON essential oil - Lemon teaches you to be mentally present by focusing on one thing at a time.  Lemon calms fears and insecurities while restoring confidence in yourself.

LEMONGRASS essential oil - Lemongrass has a powerful mission to help cleanse you physically, emotionally and spiritually to let go of the old, toxic energies and welcoming change.

PEPPERMINT essential oil - Peppermint is uplifting and allows to you be focus driven.

ROSE essential oil - Rose holds the highest vibration.  Higher than any other oil on this planet.  She is a powerful healer of the heart. Rose restores you to authenticity, wholeness and purity.  With the heart softened you feel acceptance.

SANDALWOOD essential oil - Sandalwood assists you in reaching past your existing restrictions and belief systems.

THYME essential oil - Thyme empties the soul of negativity leaving your heart open to receive love and offer forgiveness. It is one of the most powerful cleansers of the emotional body in particular toxic emotions of rage, anger, hate and resentment (which close the heart).

WILD ORANGE essential oil - Wild Orange is one of my all time favourites because its known as the oil of abundance and reconnects you with your inner child to bring out joy, fun and playfulness.  It invites you to completely let go, just like a child would and live your true self!

This is only a very tiny section of essential oils that can, will and do help support you when trying to change unhealthy choices. Within the card under the 'Additional Tools' section you will notice I have included many more.  These oils will help to support you when working with that particular affirmation and the emotions, thoughts and feelings rise to the surface.

I invite you to reach out and ask me questions. 
I will be more than happy to have a chat with you (over the phone, via zoom or even in person!) and we will see where I can help.

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