How do these work exactly.

Additional Tools -  Crystals

I want you to understand why using the additional tools are important and why certain crystals were chosen.  I will explain how best to use them to enjoy the full benefits alongside the Addiction Recovery Affirmation Cards (ARAC).  The idea is to use them to support your feelings, memories and thoughts that may be buried deep down and draw on the energy of the crystal to release them.  Letting them go, making space for new positive memories, feelings and thoughts.

Tools just for you!

Have a look at the list opposite and locate where you fit in. Are you the person in addiction recovery?, are you looking for tools to get to that point? or maybe you are a friend/family member that wants a deeper understanding of what they are going through. These Essential Oils can be a tool that everybody can work with and they will fit into any space at home or in the workplace. If you are somebody who works or volunteers in the recovery sector then you will want to have a wholesale account for yourself as well as one for your organisation.

Can you identify with any of the listed...
  • I am in recovery
  • I know a friend in recovery
  • I know a family member in recovery
  • I work in the addiction recovery sector
  • I would like help to stay sober
  • I am struggling on my own

Let's take a deeper look ...

Crystals used to be associated with the weird ones; witches, hippies and mystics. Yet healing crystals date back thousands of years and we know that the Ancient Egyptians are believed to have used Lapis Lazuli, turquoise, quartz and topaz in the tombs of the dead as well as wearing them as jewellery and protective amulets. It was around 1970 when they became popular and more in demand and now it is an accepted form of holistic therapy. People say to me that crystals and gemstones are a vital part of their life because it offers a flexible inclusive spiritual practice. They love the fact that crystals and crystal healing allows them to mix elements from multiple modalities, faiths and ancient traditions into an individual spiritual practice.

So the idea is to use the crystals as well as the essential oils as additional tools should you wish to gain a deeper access to your feelings, memories and thoughts that may be buried deep down and releasing them. Letting them go, making space for new positive memories, feelings and thoughts.

In the Additional Tools - Essential Oils we talked about how most addictions are born out of a deep longing in your heart, huge gaps where you once felt lost, abandoned, hurt, confused, angry, betrayed. I have repeated the information within this section, as each of you are unique and will start your research at different points yet this is key to understanding how the Crystals will assist you on your journey.  If you have read this section, scroll down to understand how to use the crystals..

Maybe you were taught that it wasn't ok to connect to your heart, your feelings. Maybe you were mocked and belittled, told that your opinions were not valid. Most addicts who were raised in and around trauma, turmoil and pain will search for that comfort and reassurance from outside sources in order to compensate and mask the hurt that is felt deep within.

Sometimes, you are literally the observer of this pain and even though it's not happening directly to you, you feel guilty that you couldn't help, you couldn't take the pain away or make it better, so you look for a substance, a simple way to block it out, mask it, hide it - even if it is just for a little bit.
I am talking to you if you have an unhealthy relationship with ANY of the listed (even if it is seen as a positive attribute by some);
  • Unhealthy relationship with overworking
  • Unhealthy relationship with multitasking
  • Unhealthy relationship with technology such as social media
  • Unhealthy relationship with alcohol
  • Unhealthy relationship with tobacco
  • Unhealthy relationship with drugs including prescription drugs
  • Unhealthy relationship with food (sugar etc)
  • Unhealthy relationship with dieting
  • Unhealthy relationship with overeating
  • Unhealthy relationship with self Harming
  • Unhealthy relationship with gambling
  • Unhealthy relationship with lying
  • Unhealthy relationship with hiding
  • Unhealthy relationship with shopping (online in particular)
  • Unhealthy relationship with relationships in general
  • Unhealthy relationship with abusive people
  • Unhealthy sexual choices
  • Unhealthy relationship with getting, staying fit (Gym, weights, etc)
You see addictions come in all shapes and forms, not all are so obvious but all are low vibrational energy. This is why I love using the crystals as additional tools as well because they help create an environment of high energy such as uplifting, cheerful and vibrant as well as peace, calm, balance and stillness around us. Just like the essential oils, all natural crystals come directly from the earth and mother nature herself and so depending on the crystal in hand will determine whether you are inviting grounding or high vibrational energy. Because low vibrations cannot survive in such high vibrational conditions, it means that crystals (as well as essential oils) are the perfect additional tools to get and remain free from unhealthy habits. Instead of numbing yourself not to feel, you should use the Addiction Recovery Affirmation Cards - (ARA) cards, crystals (and oils) reconnect to your true self once more.

When you create new positive routines, new positive habits including self-care using the additional tools, you are constantly topping up your energy and keeping it at the right high vibrational level it needs to be be in order to support you on your journey of recovery.

How to use the crystals...
Holding crystals or placing them on your body is thought to promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing for both past and present issues. It works because the crystals interact with your own body's energy field and where some are said to improve concentration and focus, others will stimulate creativity or alleviate stress and anxiety. 

Ways to use your crystals;
  • Choose as a pendant or necklace and wear around your neck
  • Add to a bracelet design or maybe a pair of earrings
  • Create a ring for yourself
  • Pop a tumblestone in your bra (left) for all-day support
  • Keep them where you spend most time such as your home or office space
  • Choose a crystal that you are drawn to and decorate your home with them
  • Carry crystals in your LEFT pocket when out and about
  • Carry them in your purse/wallet - especially abundance crystals
  • Use them as part of your meditation and/or yoga practice. 
  • Hold them in your left hand when you need reassurance or extra support

There is something magical about wearing a piece of jewellery.  When the sun catches it and it sparkles don't you feel that you shine a bit brighter too?
Each crystal has a unique structure and frequency and when used therapeutically, it helps bring the body back into balance and stimulates the natural healing processes so that you can begin to heal. Wearing crystals close to the skin is one of the best ways to absorb the energy and apart from looking amazing, you get the added benefit of whichever crystal you choose to wear. Crystals were originally created thousand of years ago in the crust of the earth so this means that when you look at a natural (not man-made in a lab) crystal, you will see differences, slight imperfections sometimes, but that's OK as no 2 gems are the same. When planning on meditating for example hold 1 crystal (in cupped hands) close to your heart or opt for 2 of the same crystals (1 in each palm) for deeper experience and connection. You could decorate your home or office space by having a couple of the stones on your desk or as a centerpiece on the dining table or mantlepiece.  Now for the ladies, I have suggested carrying a couple tucked away in your bra. I place mine in an organza pouch and tie that to my bra strap so I don't lose them (I learnt the hard way). I was taught that you received energy from the left side and gave out through the right - so keep this in mind when holding, carrying or wearing your crystals.

On each card description, I have mentioned 2 crystals that I have matched to that particular affirmation.  I have not just picked out a basic stone from a simple list, but instead paid close attention to how this gemstone benefits you the most. Some will help with emotional situations, others will be there for you when working through mental blocks, a few will be supporting you in a more physical way, but ALL will be just what you need. I have given you a suggested way to use them but as you can see there are many, so TRUST yourself to know where to use/place this crystal.  You cannot go wrong. You can use one or both of the crystals. The choice is yours.

We hope you will feel empowered...

I have focused on crystals that may not necessarily be obviously connected to addiction recovery, however, I focused on the benefits and vibrational frequency that each one holds and suggested 2 that I felt suited the card.  This does not mean that you cannot work with a different one - far from it, we want you to feel empowered that you can make such decisions.

We hope you enjoy using and working with this deck. Exploring and journaling and maybe adding a few additional tools along the way.

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