Essential Oil Workshops 

Come to a workshop and learn how to create your own blends, masks, bath salts, soaps and so much more using the gifts of Mother Nature.

Essential Oil Workshops - Make-n-Take - starts from £10 per person (includes all supplies)

I love these workshops and I know you will too.

It's the perfect excuse to get together and get crafty while learning about essential oils at the same time.  It's a win win because you get to take away an item that YOU have created YOURSELF.

These workshops are perfect for anybody and everybody, whether you are new to the world of essential oils or an experienced ōil user it's always great to receive a bit of pampering and 'me time', gather your friends and celebrate together (Birthdays are especially popular).

There are usually about 5 items to choose from at each workshop, so you are sure to find something you'd like to create (and take home) and of course there is the option to pay a little extra on the day taking all 5 home with you.
Workshops on offer at the moment are as follows:
  • ADHD & Autism - balancing your emotions
  • AromaTouch (learn the hand massage technique)
  • Back to School
  • Balance your Chakras
  • Balance your Emotions
  • Christmas DIYs
  • Gardening Go-Tos
  • Must-Haves for Men
  • Master Your Metabolism
  • Pet Protocol
  • Pure-fume blends
  • Symphony of Cells (learn the basics to take the practice home with you)
I keep adding new workshops to the list so please check back.  If there is a topic that you would like me to cover but cannot see it in the list above - let me know and I will create a workshop just for you and your friends x

AromaTouch and Symphony of Cells are slightly different in that you are learning a practical protocol which you can use on your friends and family to help support on an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual level.  During these workshops there will be the opportunity for everybody present to experience the treatments as well as learning how to perform it.  These are longer and priced slightly differently.

So join me, Jacqui Fallon-Holloway, Aromatherapist, dōTERRA Wellness Advocate and educator, as I talk through many benefits and applications of our 100% Certified Pure Tested Grade essential oils.

dōTERRA essential oils are the purest form of plant-based medicine and they can be used to support many health conditions and to help maintain optimum health.  They offer a genuine solution for people at all life stages, they are effective, safe and very easy to use. These oils can be used as an alternative or as a compliment to your current medicine cabinet. You can replace many toxic cleaning products you have around the home that can contribute to health problems.

I will guide you on how to incorporate them easily and seamlessly into your daily routine, helping to boost your immune and respiratory systems as well as balance your mood and emotions.

Instead of the side effects you can sometimes find with other products, oils can offer ‘side benefits’ as they work WITH the body, instead of against it. I will be introducing you to the various ways you can support you body naturally, for example seasonal threats, digestive upsets, lack of sleep, busy mind not being able to switch off, joint and muscle aches and so much more…

I will explain what an essential oil actually is, where they come from, why purity is so vitally important and the main ways in which to use them safely and appropriately. We will explore what I like to call the ’10 most versatile oils’ that every home should have access to.

PLUS, you will get to try them firsthand as I introduce you to them one by one.  

At the end of the workshop, I will share the most cost-effective way to get these oils into your life with no pressure to buy (although should you wish to purchase, I will be more than happy to help guide you)

If you are working on any specific health issues at present and would like me to send out an oil sample in the post ahead of the class, please let me know at the time of booking xx

HOSTING Classes approx. 45 - 60 minutes including all samples - FREE. 

I love to help my hosts and so will gift you with a lovely surprise of ōily goodies.  Normally numbers would be between 5-10 like minded people HOWEVER, we can make acceptions so please ask.  Classes are FREE for all to attend.
Another option is to hold the event ONLINE and for that I use the Zoom Chat.  It's great as there are no limitations on the number of guests you invite and who can attend.  They are all comfortable in their own homes and you still get the ōily goodies sent out to you ready for the start of class x 

Please note there is no crafting in this class.

WORKSHOPS approx. 90 - 120 minutes including all supplies and oils  - £10 per person. 

These are a little different to a class.  You can either choose to host a workshop in your home or attend one at The Moon Lodge.  Now they are different in that here you get to create your own blends, creams, scrubs, bath bombs etc depending on the class chosen by you - the host and your guests then take them HOME with them at the end of the workshop.  Everything is included, the oils, the containers and some light refreshments - all you need to do is come with an open mind ready to learn some cool facts, get creative and have fun! 

AromaTouch Workshops approx. 2 -4 hours including use of oils  - £15 per person (minimum 4).

In this workshop you will learn with hands-on experience (pun intended) - how to perform the AromaTouch Technique on the hands.  This is an amazing tool as I explain how the reflexology points relate to different parts of the body.  You will pair off and each will get the opportunity to practice and receive the massage.  I will of course, supply the oils and will guide you on how to choose the most suitable oil for the related issue.  This is fun and relaxing, and you learn a new skill that you can take away with you at the end of the day. Light refreshments will be provided but you are also welcome to bring your own.  Bring a friend to practice on - you will both love it.  Self care is important, more so nowadays. 

Symphony of Cells Workshops approx. 3 -5 hours including use of oils  - £25 per person (minimum 4).

In this workshop you will learn the art of applying oils in a certain way as well as the pressure required to give a relaxing gentle touch massage.  There are so many protocols to choose from and of course, I will supply the oils required.  This is a little longer as each protocol lasts around 20-30 mins.  You will be paired off and will be taught how to give and receive this amazing experience.  I have 2 therapy beds and a reiki chair to choose from.  Light refreshments will be provided but you are also welcome to bring your own.

The main venue will be here in the Moon Lodge in Birmingham: however I am happy to travel to your home (travel expenses will need to be covered) and all details can be confirmed at time of booking. 

To make life easy, below, I have added shortcuts to each course - Simply click on the one you want to go and as if by magic you'll be transported there...

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