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Reiki Level 1-4

Just for Today I will not Worry.     Reiki Principle 2

Level Two - Reiki Practitioner Qualification - 2-part course £320 (£160 per session).

Payment details will be discussed at time of booking.

Please note a non-refundable deposit will be required at time of booking to secure your course.

This course is held IN PERSON however, a virtual option is available and will be live with myself (real time and not recorded). Your practitioner manual will be sent to you via email. The Attunement takes place live.

Learn and develop healing skills to give healing to others. Practical hands-on Reiki healing with home study doing case studies.  This is a 2-part course of approx 3 hours each.  It can be carried out in 1 session but please note it will be a long day.


KendaReiki Course teaches the following:

·   The understanding of the chakra system and auric field

·   How to work with your healing spirit guides by using a crystal pendulum - You will not need to have your own at this stage as I have a range we use during practicals 

·   You will learn all about damages or obstructions to the auric field and how these can be healed

·   As we did in Level One, we will meditate in order for you to meet your healing guides

·   The attunement to Reiki Practitioner level two Reiki

·   At the start you will receive a full colour illustrated Reiki practitioner manual

·   Included in the manual will be an illustration for the hand positions for healing on others

·   You will also have an Illustrated sequence for healing in wheelchair or sitting

·   There will be practical instructions on Reiki healing sequence for others

·   You will learn how to work with the Reiki emotional symbol

·   You will learn how to help clients with a healing crisis

·   We will have a practical demonstration with the student & teacher healing exchange (my favourite part of the day)

·   You will learn how to sense negative energy and learn safe removal techniques

·   You will learn how to work with the distant healing Reiki symbol

.   There will be more practice with distant healing with in-class demonstrations

.   Further distant healing practical follow up treatments for student at home

·   All students will receive the genuine lineage of Usui Reiki adding their name to the list

·   You will learn about contraindications and about making a client feel comfortable

·   We will go through the suggested consent forms and client aftercare leaflets, learning about Data Protection

·   We will cover everything to do with legal requirements of the practitioner (you)

·   We will cover the basics of marketing, advertising and networking - what works and what costs are involved (if any)

·   I will share some helpful advice and guidance on starting your own business.

·   You will be awarded a Reiki Second Degree Practitioner Certificate qualification AFTER the case studies have been discussed to ensure that everything is right and you are comfortable.

·   Of course it goes without saying, that all students will have ongoing support and mentorship by me.

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