Dragon Reiki

Dragon Reiki is the partner of the Unicorn Reiki - they work hand in hand together.  Dragon energy is masculine while Unicorn energy is feminine.  Yin and Yang energy - meant to be.

Dragon Reiki - 60 minutes (including the consultation)  £45.00 per session

Please note there is a charge of £20.00 every 30 mins after the initial 60 mins.  This will need to be settled at the end of the session.

Dragons are the protector of the Unicorn herds and all spiritual portals as well as being the guardians of ancient secrets.  

The power lines of Earth, the Ley lines, are called Dragon Tracks

The energy points of the body, which are used for Acupuncture, are named Dragon points.

You see the power and energy of the Dragon is all around us – you just can’t touch it but you most definitely can feel it and the Dragon Reiki session will help you do exactly that.  Many people, including myself, believe that dragons are a symbol of great sexual power, force and protection, an unleashed power with intense yet complete healing (emotionally, mentally and physically).  As I mentioned above Dragons are associated with masculine energy and sometimes we need to balance that out with feminine energy of the Unicorn.  which is why they compliment each other so beautifully.

Spiritual dragons are fearless, loyal and very gentle with other light beings and are also known as the crystal guardians. These crystal guardians heal with quartz crystals – Amethyst, Rose quartz and of course the Master quartz also known as clear quartz.   They are free and not owned or controlled by anyone and in fact come to our aid on their own free will.  

Dragons come in all shapes and sizes and as I said before are very protective. They have a much higher vibration and prefer a more solitary existence with the exception of the angels and unicorns. They can increase or decrease their vibration speed which makes them very difficult to see, if they want to remain hidden. Once they have chosen you from their own free will, they remain connected to you for life although they do not remain by your side like dogs and are excellent at seeking out dark energies. They live for the challenge and are very competitive with another dragon.  The bond with you is eternal and extremely strong.

Dragon Reiki is a very deep form of reiki and great if you have hard to shift blockages in your energy and energy fields. With the help of my guides I then fill each chakra with pure love and light to bring you peace, love, light, harmony and happiness back into your life.  Dragons are so highly connected to spirit and the creative source, that you will feel a beautiful loving energy as the dragon reiki works hard to purify, cleanse, and heal your body mind and soul.

After Care

After a crystal & Reiki healing session you will need to rest in order for the natural balance of your energy to settle. No strenuous exercise. Ensure you drink plenty of water or herbal drinks to aid your body to detoxify. On the day of treatment refrain from drinking any caffeinated drinks such as tea or coffee and try to avoid drinking alcohol. Healing will continue for a couple of days afterwards and in some cases this can be as much as a week. You may experience sensations such as tingling in a problem area, for example an injury. This is the continuation of the healing to rebalance and align your energy. Many people find they are able to sleep better and feel more uplifted after each session, yet for some, they may feel more emotional than usual due to suppressed feelings. The treatment helps clear the body of negative energy and release harmful toxins.

Please note .....

Some ailments require consent from your doctor before healing can be given.

Many doctors now are encouraging their patients to have complementary treatments.  

A non refundable, non transferable deposit of £20 will be required to secure your appointment time which will be paid via bank transfer (all bank details will be provide at time of booking). Without a deposit your appointment WILL NOT be complete.  

I no longer 'hold' dates.  Too many people are being turned away unnecessarily and I have had to set some boundaries.  I apologise if this causes any inconvenience.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

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