Wand - Copper Pipe Amethyst -(Spiral Carving, Healing)


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These Crystal Healing Wands are used to purify, energise and balance the refined energetic area within and outside of the body. They come in a variety of beautiful designs and different shapes. The wands will help you to move the energy in the body more effectively.  

The Crystal Healing Wands are rich in details; they are designed so they can be held comfortably during meditation.

Amethyst sneaks up on Peridot with shape shifting, and giggles when Peridot reacts. (Note : It's not the normal laugh she does too) Amethyst then shape shifts into Peridot.
Love takes time ; Amethyst took the time to know how Peridot acts like. Peridot then blushes, smirks, and giggles.  A perfect combination for your wand.

They are a genuine handmade product imported from India.