Tea Strainer with Raw Rose Quartz


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Why not indulge in the magic of tea time with our exquisite Raw Crystal Gemstone Tea Strainer, featuring the delicate beauty of Rose Quartz. This enchanting accessory seamlessly combines the art of tea preparation with the gentle energy and natural allure of this beloved crystal gemstone.

It boasts a fine, food-grade stainless steel mesh that ensures a seamless brewing process for loose tea leaves. Enjoy a perfectly smooth and delightful tea-drinking experience every time, with no loose leaves or debris to interrupt the serene moments of relaxation.

The centerpiece of this captivating tea strainer is the Rose Quartz gemstone. Known for its soft, pale pink hue and its association with love and compassion, each Rose Quartz gemstone is unique, displaying its own distinct patterns and inclusions.

Rose Quartz is revered for its emotional healing properties, promoting feelings of harmony, self-love, and inner peace.

This is definitely an exceptional gift for tea connoisseurs, crystal enthusiasts, or anyone seeking to infuse their tea rituals with love and positive energy.

Please note: As each Rose Quartz gemstone is a natural creation, slight variations in color and patterns are to be expected, making your tea strainer a unique treasure that reflects the inherent beauty of the crystal world.