Pets & Oils ebook


Welcome to a journey of wellness!

Picture this: for just £11, you're not just getting 61 pages of information; you're embarking on a holistic journey towards wellness and joy for your fur babies!

These pages are like magic fairy windows into a world where pure, unadulterated oils and products are the stars of the show.

But it's not just about the oils – it's about embracing a lifestyle that's both nurturing and exciting. You'll find guidance on how to incorporate these gifts of the earth into your daily routine, along with some seriously cool recipes that'll have your furry companions wagging their tails with delight.

Plants share their story and their benefits in many ways. Essential oils are one of them. I wanted to share with you how I use essential oils with our dogs, fish and reptiles.

So, why wait? Jump right in and get your copy now. The PDF file will be emailed to you once payment has been collected.

Extra bonus is that this ebook can be used as a class or support you during a class.  Making one of the many recipes to take away with them