Pendulum - merkaba


Only 1 remaining

I only have 1 left - Clear Quartz.

The Merkaba is said to help one transcend into other dimensions, this actual style of Merkaba is usually based on protection and healing as it helps to connect one with the higher self and encourages spiritual growth.

A crystal pendulum is used as a tool to connect to your source and higher self by asking questions that will clarify, guide, and raise your awareness. You can use a crystal pendulum when you need connection, a little more clarity in a specific situation, or a better understanding of something.

The pendulum merkaba is a tool of dowsing, a very powerful energy. It allows one to unify the body, soul and spirit.
for example;
Amethyst avoids the evil, the sadness and the fear.

Please note, unless stated in the comment section at time of ordering, your pendulum will be intuitively chosen by me and cleared using sage and blessed with Reiki energy before being lovely packed and sent to you.