Leather journal - Hamsa (8x6")


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The Hamsa Hand is a sign of protection and has been traditionally believed to provide defense against the evil eye.  This makes it the perfect journal to keep your most private thoughts, hopes and fears written in and kept safe.

Whether used for jotting down quick notes and sketches or creating a personal book of spells, this leather journal is perfect for witches and fantasy lovers alike.

The embossed leather cover and rustic paper pages create a worn-in, enchanting piece to be passed down and enjoyed for generations. Features a detailed hand of Hamsa design with brass metal closure.

Handcrafted in India with real leather and unlined paper pages.

You will notice this lovely item elsewhere being sold at £33.50 BUT I wanted to gift you something special and so to you - this journal is £25.50 (that's £8.00 reduction)

Dimensions - H18cm x W13cm x D3cm