In Person Essential Oil Workshop - with Your Oil Fairy


I wanted to share something exciting with you that I believe can support you in how you integrate the oils you already have at home into your daily routines.
Q - Are you tired of opening your drawers or cupboards and seeing dusty oil bottles?
Q - Are you ready to elevate your wellbeing so that your immunity, mental wellness as well as physical wellness is in tip top condition?

I believe that natural, pure and potent oils are for everyone. And I mean truly everyone—from those within your household to your loved ones, to those who have to make difficult decisions about their health, friends and work colleagues. I'm here to bridge the gap and help you create amazing DIY blends with the oils you ALREADY HAVE at home.

You’re invited to come and learn from your very own Oil Fairy. A creator who has mastered the art of blending roller blends and diffuser blends and has the credentials to prove it. By bringing the best products and fun activities for the whole family to enjoy together, I’ve created a workshop that will transform your lives.
  • 1 class taught by Your Oil Fairy
  • 1 hour of bonus Q&A
  • Make your own roller blend to take home
  • Access to the exclusive Your Oil Fairy community
Register today for access at the early-bird price of £5. Don't miss your chance to transform your home into a healthy home before starting the new year 2023.