Dreamcatcher - Handmade with felt centre


Only 2 remaining

These were designed by myself and created by two very talented woman.  Supporting each other (small local businesses) is very important to me.  There are so much talent when you look for it!

Anyway, I want to introduce you to this very special dreamcatcher.  Launched this October at a local mind body and spirit fair.  They were received so well that I am bringing them here and to you.

Using 2 rings with a large open centre where the witches hat is placed.  Created using felt and a mixture of blue and purple.  The 'web' is then woven by hand with the additional beads as seen in the images.  Each web is unique making them extra special x

There is only one colour design to this and I do not have many left.

Other designs are possible so we can create a bespoke design - get in touch through the contact form and we can brainstorm together