crystal Labradorite Cabochon (6)


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Grade A

Labradorite is a beautiful feldspar stone that has, in recent years, become increasingly popular. Labradorite is defined by its gorgeous iridescence that makes it appear to glow from within. Base colors of brown, orange, blue, or green are shot through with other colors. This multi-colored look can include every color of the rainbow, from red and orange to blue and purple and every color in between. These colors have been described as schillers, twinings, stripes, flashes, veins, striations, and, for stones with the greatest variation and brilliance of color, spectrolite.

Often, the colors within the stone seem to change as you turn it around and from side to side, because you are changing the way in which the light is diffracted within the stone. Because the effect of light diffraction within Labradorite is so unique, it has been given its own name: Labradorescence.

The grade reflects the quality and clarity of the labradorescence. As a result, the higher the grade, the better, and more beautiful, the stone is likely to be.

This would make a lovely pendant or ring x