Card Holder - wooden block


Unlike the plain options that are available on other sites, these beauties have been designed by myself and created to accompany the Addiction Recovery Affirmation Cards.
Of course, these cards are designed in such a way that you will be able to use them with any deck.

You have 5 designs to choose from - each with an affirmation lasered on.
I can and I will
(31 in stock)
I am loved
(32 in stock)
I am not alone
(35 in stock)
I am enough
(22 in stock)
Keep it simple
(29 in stock)

If there is a particular affirmation you prefer, kindly type this in the comment section at time of ordering.  Should you not include any preferences, I will intuitively pick one for you.

The price shown is for one (1) card holder,