10x Amber Roller Bottles - 10ml incl box


10 ml Amber Roller Bottles are perfect for applying diluted essential oils directly to the skin. The roller ball is designed to disperse the blends smoothly over the skin.

Convenient size ( 83 mm height, 18 mm diameter) of the bottle makes it easy to take anywhere with you. 

Amber glass offers a protection against light wavelengths within the 10 nm to 400 nm range. This is the ideal spectrum to protect against UV light radiation.

The flat pack plain boxes for aromatherapy do not require glue, making them easier and quicker to fold and are great for dispensing essential oils for personal use, classes, gifts or as giveaways.

Sold in packs of 10 - comes complete with bottle, roller, lid and a cute presentation box (sent mixed assorted colours)