Essential Oils to enhance your Reiki Session

There are many essential oils that can be used in our Reiki practice but if I would have to pick only seven of them, there will be the following ones:

1. Lavender. Chronic stress has been associated with increased reports of illness so an essential oil to promote calm, tranquility, relaxation, and soothing the soul for spiritual work is a must in any Reiki healing space! Its ability to quiet a busy mind makes it the most popular essential oil on the market.

2. Frankincense. This is one of my favourite oils and I use it for everything. It carries an incredibly spiritual vibration and in Biblical times it was considered to be more valuable than gold. It’s not cheap at all, especially if you go for the Sacred Frankincense version which is even much stronger in some of its active constituents, so in healing sessions, this oil is usually used for those clients who need powerful healing to improve their physical health due to aggressive illnesses. Works miracles! Here‘s a study to support the above.

3. Vetiver. During Reiki session can be used to ground and bridge the gap between matter and Spirit, being able to speed up manifestation and healing into the physical realm. Vetiver oil centres one into its true self and is definitely a source of vital energy and regeneration.

4. Rose. It vibrates at a very high spiritual frequency, 320 Mhz, and enhances spiritual insight and transformation, bringing harmony to the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Rose oil aids in aligning the subtle and physical bodies, opens the heart, and connects you to the energy of pure love. And also smells amazing!

5. Peppermint. This oil goes for cleansing and purification, stimulating the senses and clearing out any impurities and negative vibrations. Peppermint will enhance awareness and clarity, stimulating lucid dreaming and being able to receive with ease and presence any divine guidance.

6. Helichrysum. Also known as liquid stitches, this essential oil will make self-exposure safe and that fear of remembering painful emotions will be transcended. Use Helichrysum to work through difficult emotions, trauma, or issues that are buried deep into the subconscious.

7. Lemon. It’s energetically luminous and acts like a cleanser on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Lemon oil enhances clarity and cleanses any negativity. Reiki practitioners can effectively use it to cleanse and purify their healing room between sessions.

Blends can also be made out of essential oils in case you need something specific for extra support or energetic blockage/imbalance. As an example, there are blends for abundance, acceptance, clarity, energy, immunity support, boosting your intuition or even releasing and healing a deep trauma.

For inspiration, here are few ways to incorporate the essential oils into your Reiki practice but feel free to get creative and follow your own inner guidance: