10 ways Reiki can aid in Manifesting

Prosperity is our birth right, however, our own anxieties disconnect us or take us away from the energy of abundance. Here are some simple tips to connect with the vibration of abundance.

1. Connect with your Dreams
Take pictures from the Internet of all the stuff you want to manifest for example - Car, Home. Keep this picture in a red envelope and once a week remove these pictures one by one. Draw the distance symbol on each picture this way you will connect with the vibration of the object you want to manifest.

2. Clarity
Write the amount you want to manifest in a month on a piece of paper. Draw all the 3 Reiki symbols of distance, emotional and power. This will help you to connect with the amount at all levels and chant ”I now attract _______(mention the amount) in my life.” Keep this paper in your wallet.

3. Currency
Take any currency note of higher denomination draw Cho Ku Rei symbol and say Cho Ku Rei 3 times followed by Dear Money I easily attract more of you.” Draw the Cho Ku Rei symbol again on the note to seal the energy. Keep this note separately in your wallet/purse. You can spend the note after a week. Do this process again on another note once you have spent the earlier note. This way your wallet will be filled with the energy of abundance and Reiki.

4. Divine Connect
Close your eyes. Visualise any God or Goddess for example - Goddess Laxmi, Lord Narayan or Fortuna, showering gold coins on you. Visualise distance symbol on your Crown chakra to connect with the divine energy. Once you feel content then visualise Cho Ku Rei symbol to seal the divine energy.

5. Candle Magick
Every Wednesday take a gold candle and draw the 3 Reiki symbols on it. Anoint it with olive oil and say “I dedicate this candle to Goddess of Financial Abundance for bringing financial abundance in my life, this or better. Draw the power symbol on the candle again to seal the energy. Light the candle (beware of safety as it is fire)

6. Perfume
Draw Reiki symbols on the perfume bottle and chant Goddess Laxmi the goddess of wealth mantra Shreem 11 times. Now spray the perfume and attract the energy of abundance.

7. Magnet
Take a magnet draw symbols of Reiki on it, hold it in your hand and chant I am a powerful money magnet. Money loves me.” 45 times. Keep this magnet with you (pop it in your handbag or purse).

8. Crystals
Take a glass bowl with Citrine, Aventurine, Amethyst, Bloodstone, Malachite, Carnelian tumbles in it. Draw the Reiki symbols and say Dear God please cleanse these crystals from all kinds of negativity and infuse divine energies of abundance so that financial prosperity comes to us easily and soon, this or better”. Draw Reiki symbols again on it and place it in the south-east corner of your home.

9. Mobile Phone
Our phone is a source of getting customers as well as calls for employment. Here is a simple method to make your phone a magnet of prosperity. Every day visualise golden energy surrounding your phone, draw distance symbol on the phone and keep chanting divine connect with abundance while giving Reiki to your phone.

10. Lucky Entrance
Take a bowl of water, add salt to it and cinnamon boil it for 1 minute. Once this cools give Reiki to it, then immerse a cloth in this water and wipe your entrance door and threshold with it. Salt is a cleansing agent, while cinnamon is a prosperity herb (you can add 1-2 drops of cinnamon essential oil if you have it). This way you will be attracting energies of abundance into your home.