You're probably wondering what these are

Addiction Recovery Affirmation Cards

Through an extensive search, we realised that there were not any ACTUAL addiction recovery affirmation cards.  Plenty of books but that's about all.  So we felt it was time that changed and have created these tools that everybody involved can use.

Tools just for you!

Have a look at the list opposite and locate where you fit in. Are you the person in addiction recovery?, are you looking for tools to get to that point? or maybe you are a friend/family member that wants a deeper understanding of what they are going through. These cards are going to be a tool that everybody can work with and they will fit into a group or an individual setting. If you are somebody who works or volunteers in the recovery sector then you will want to have a set of cards for yourself or a few for your organisation.

Can you identify with any of the listed...
  • I am in recovery
  • I know a friend in recovery
  • I know a family member in recovery
  • I work in the addiction recovery sector
  • I would like help to stay sober
  • I am struggling on my own

Let's start at the beginning..

Meditation for card 31

As a special treat I wanted to share a recording of the meditation for Card 31.  If you prefer to listen to me (as opposed to recording your voice) then I hope you enjoy.

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