Smudge Stick - White Sage & Cinnamon 10cm


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The combination of white sage and cinnamon sticks has a soothing and purifying effect. Cinnamon is known for its warming effect, both on your body and on your mind. White sage is known for its cleansing effects and the power to expel negative energy. In addition, white sage is soothing and refreshing.

The scents and effects of white sage and cinnamon

The interesting thing about cinnamon and sage is that they are two very different scents. It is precisely because of this that they complement each other perfectly. White sage is heavy and spicy. It is a soothing and invigorating scent. As soon as you burn sage, you are soon convinced of the cleansing feature of this herb.

White sage for example is used to get rid of negative influences, by burning the plant. During this process a sharp spicy aroma is released. It’s stronger than its counterpart Palo Santo, although sage is used more often. The original Latin name of this power plant is Salvia Apiana and it grows 100% naturally.

Cinnamon is known worldwide. Both in the kitchen (stew, pastries, tea) and in products like incense and scented candles. The scent is soft, friendly and sweet. This is also the effect that the scent has on your mind. Together with white sage, it soothes negative thoughts and creates a pleasant scent in your home.

You can also use smudge sticks to smudge yourself or others just before a treatment commences.

A smudge stick is simply a tied bundle of dried herbs and is used in the same way as incense, where you light the end and allow it to smoulder before blowing out any flames - then allow the smoke to rise and infuse the air.  The practice of burning smudging is fairly simple. You will need a seashell or bowl of ceramic, clay dishes, or glass to hold burning sage or capture ash, another option is for you to use feathers or a fan for fanning the smoke.

Smudging is an age-old custom which has become increasingly popular in our modern world.  It has long been used to connect to the spiritual realm or enhance intuition. Burning sage or smudge can lift one’s mood it could also be a great ally against stress.

Stick Size 10cms -This is a small smudge stick. Smudge sticks last a long time so a little goes a long way!

Price is for one Smudge Stick 

Our suppliers have the loose sage leaves. This way you are ensured of the highest quality products. Before packing, the leaves are dried before they get sealed to keep it in good condition during their journey to Europe, so we can guarantee you that the white sage are mold-free.