Leather Chakra Stone Notebook (6x9")


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Journal Notebooks with Leather Covers. The perfect gift for many an occasion. 

Bring a bit of "Game of Thrones" magic into your life. You have 1 crystal to represent each of the 7 main chakras.  These are the main energy centers of our body.  Each crystal will help support you as you reopen one by one and allow the energy to flow freely creating harmony between the physical body, mind and spirit.

Each Notebook has its own unique style due to being handmade and you will find your very own purpose for it and this one is no different.  Use this book as your very own Book Of Shadows, a perfect location to hold your mediations or even crystal information.  The books can be used as a notebook, diary, journal or sketchbooks.

Carry this book with you wherever you go!

✔ Popular coming of age gift

✔ Large books 200 pages - made with eco-friendly paper